15, Feb

Our mission at If You Can is to support and empower children and parents to value and understand themselves and others. By doing so, we believe we can build a better world: for today and for our children tomorrow. We believe that by learning how to persevere through challenge, to feel and show empathy and to make responsible decisions, all of us can be better friends, learners, parents, mentors and citizens.

IF… is a rich interactive story with fully voiced characters. Our social puzzles teach life skills that help your child to thrive. Kids have fun and learn tools to manage stress, anxiety, anger, sadness and frustration.

Our safe and secure environment allows your children to play and learn, while you follow their progress through the parent’s Dashboard. The Dashboard also supplies you with real world follow-up activities so you can continue and extend the learning together.

Our full service requires a subscription which includes new adventures each month, delivering Social & Emotional Learning curriculum comparable to leading private schools.

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