Freedom 251 had already created the buzz on social media websites specially among the youngster’s. It’s world first cheapest smartphone which has been priced only ₹251. The smartphone was recently launched on 17 February (Wednesday) in New Delhi. Due the the tremendous demand, because of the bookings of freedom 251 smartphone’s the website servers crashed & the bookings are temporarily suspended for a while until the service is upgrading and it is expected that bookings will be live again within 24 hours. Here we have provided you with the easiest ways to book your freedom 251 unit without experiencing any downtime error & also several things to keep in mind before buying this smartphone.The company hasn’t revealed yet whether the smartphone has been manufactured in India or somewhere else. Yet no clarification is there, how the company has achieved this pricing, or how sustainable is this model.

First set of reviewers who reviewed the smartphone revealed that Ringing Bells Freedom 251 is Rebranded Adcom Ikon 4 Smartphone which has been priced around ₹4000 at Flipkart. A Tricolour sticker is provided a on the back panel to conceal the Adcom branding.

Ringing Bells is unknown brand which became popular, i think most of you have recently heard its name because of the launch of world’s cheapest smartphone.

The company say’s it will take around 4 months for your unit to ship, but due to no previous track record of the company chances are there it may never ship your order.The smartphone’s are being manufactured by Ringing Bells a Noida Based Company without specs & price as never expected before. The design of this smartphone is copied from iPhone & it comes pre loaded with Digital India Apps such as Swachh Bharat among others.

Bookings for the Freedom 251 had began on 18 February from 6.00 am in the morning and will close on 21 February at 8.00 pm. Here you have been provided with several tips & tricks on How To Buy Freedom 251 Smartphone easily, so go ahead & book this cheapest smartphone.